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About the TPT

As a wood worker for 40 years, I have encountered many fabrication problems whether building furniture, cabinets, or boats. Some were unique but some continued to re-occur. The task of easily and accurately cutting wide bevels is one of these problems, and is often difficult or time consuming with just a bandsaw, table saw, and joiner. A common solution used by many of us wood workers in small to medium sized shops is to make a temporary jig for the job, secure it to the planer bed, run the work piece and then discard the jig – only to have to construct another one when some other bevel is required. Having built many temporary jigs myself it seemed to me that an adjustable jig would be a better solution. After testing various designs and materials and employing the professional skills of several people I have produced the TPT – Tilting Planer Table – which is adjustable, simple to set up, easy to use and accurate. Fabricated from 6005 aluminum, which combines the best characteristics of 6061 and 6063 alloys, the extrusions are rigid and very strong but relatively light-weight. After CNC machining, the extrusions are given an anodized finish that is corrosion and wear resistant as well as pleasing to the eye. Assembled with quality fasteners and fitted with injection molded and pad printed degree scales, then packaged in an eye catching box the TPT is a durable, easy to use, quality accessory for woodshop planers that used properly and given care, as with all tools, will provide many years of service. 36" long by 11 1/8" wide by 4 1/2" tall.
weight: 22 lbs. You can check out some of Tom's woodwork at his website: tom@greendolphinenterprises.com

  • Easily Adjustable

    Adjust from 0-30 degrees in one-tenth degree increments with integral scales.

  • Create Bevels

    Plane one piece bevels up to 8 ½” wide or wider bevels in joined segments.

  • Adaptable to many planers

    Mount in a variety of planers.

  • Machining Options

    Increase your machining options for transition strips, picture frames, trims, cap rails, and more.


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Created by:

Tom Whitaker
Designer of the Tilting Planer Table


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